CMMS Maintenance

Integrate a new management system of Computer-aided Maintenance is a key stage for your maintenance department. The choice of the software was the most adapted to your problem, the data capture and the support(accompaniment) of your teams in the changes are crutiales phases which you have to approach in complete peace. Our experts in CMMS will be in your quoted(esteemed) and in your listening to define with you the strategy the most suited to your company.

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Account manager Maintenance-CMMS

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implementation of a CMMS
The choice of your software CMMS results from a process of audit and from project management before project.
APS - Before Summary Project
APD - Before Detailed Project
CDC - (Software Specifications Gmao - functional Specifications CMMS... )
Assistance and support to the choice of the software CMMS
The expertise of Perform Ingénierie in this domain is certain advantage for the customer.
the soluton CMMS maintenance

Perform Ingénierie brings you the solution CMMS maintenance adapted to your company.

Our expert Stéphane Coudurier brings you a software of simple maintenance with a formation in effective CMMS.

20 years of expèrience in the maintenance, the metrology and the implementation of CMMS, specialized in the management of the maintenance and the implementation of management tools as the CMMS, EDM(ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT).

Our activities:

- Councils(Advises) in maintenance and management of the maintenance, organization of service(department) maintenance / SAV

- GMAO in rented mode(fashion) Saas of space CMMS and management of industrial site

- Sale and installation of solutions CMMS

- Control(master's degree) of work for the choice and the implementation of CMMS

- Training center

implementation of a CMMS

The implementation of a CMMS asks to respect some crucial stages in the good integration.

The GMAO (management of the computer-aided maintenance) is a software which integrates(joins) all the data of the maintenance department.

The installation and its use reveals certain one skill levels.

To make a success at best of his(her,its) installation and of its use you should follow these key stages:

Preparatory work(Preliminary study) to define needs

Install(Settle) the CMMS

Staff training

Perform Ingénierie accompanies you during this process.

CMMS data entry

The identification, the codification, the collection and the data capture of the CMMS establish the heaviest part of the implementation of the system of CMMS : flow of the data, the traceability of the operations of maintenance, supervision by the frame (responsible for workshop, engineer maintenance), volume of information (number of agents, number of demands of intervention, number of managed devices) ...

Perform Ingénierie accompanies you during its operations.